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Choosing a property management company can be a complex and involved process.

Property management is the business of properly and effectively managing the operation of your property to meet the needs of your residents and its owners.  We are tasked to improve the value of your asset and reduce operating costs while maximizing the resident experience.  We are here to help you navigate the ever-changing regulations, codes and requirements imposed by a vast array of government agencies.

Our experienced team will provide a seamless team approach, allowing us to address all aspects of your property, discuss goals and benchmarks our clients desire to achieve and target problematic and/or critical areas.  If there is any service not listed below, or if you would like further details, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can custom tailor management contracts, services, back-office support or on-site services that best meets your property’s needs.

Description of OneVesta Services

Customer Service and Communications

Seamless and informative management transitions with minimal impact on residents

Dedicated transition team approach to maximize and track intake of all documents from prior management

Timely responses on all owner, resident and tenant requests

Maintain constant contact with all members of the building staff to ensure smooth operations

Ensure staff accountability and follow-through on all resident repair requests

Communicate proactively with owners, Boards, staff and building residents

Incorporate the Emergency Alert System to be able to instantly inform residents of emergencies, outages or other matters

Process, review and verify apartment alterations/renovations documents are compliant

Ensure residents are conforming to the building rules, policies and procedures

Facilitate moves, large deliveries, and ensure all pertinent building policies and House Rules are followed

Verify and process all resident refunds requests in a timely fashion

Repairs and Maintenance

Ensure all maintenance and repairs are addressed quickly and efficiently

Managing, coordinating and tracking of maintenance requests

Supervise building staff, scheduling, operations, education and continued training

Monitor maintenance and supply costs

Ensure preventative maintenance measures are in place

Constantly assess for insurance liabilities to ensure risk management protocols are in place

Coordinate with staff and residents for access and scheduling of repairs

Advise Boards of building vs. resident repairs

Provide regular monitoring of the property and make recommendations when necessary

Mechanical Systems

Comprehensive physical plant management of all mechanical systems

Evaluate and review all mechanical systems to maximize serviceable life, efficiency and reliability

Develop mechanical schedules for preventative maintenance and service of mechanical systems

Evaluate and forecast a capital plan for end of life replacements

Monitoring energy consumption and identify areas for increased efficiency

Coordinate with staff, vendors and other services to ensure continuity of all systems

Ensure compliance with constantly evolving applicable codes, local laws, testing and inspections

Advise owners and Boards of any recommendations, major deficiencies or potential outages

Meetings / Annual

Preparation of agendas, reports and attendance of scheduled Board meetings

Preparation and attendance of Annual and General Meetings

Coordinate, schedule and oversee successful meeting planning

Develop action items and follow up requests as per meeting outcomes

After Hours & Emergencies

All emergency calls pass through our 24/7 emergency call center, operated by live personnel Train and educate staff on best practices for the handling of emergencies

Management and emergency staffed vendors are on call to address emergencies

Each emergency is evaluated on a case by case basis to ensure priority handling

Train and educate staff on best practices for the handling of emergencies

Coordinate, follow-through and ensure all emergency matters are addressed timely

Emergency Management

Unfortunately, critical emergencies do occur and when they do, we ensure that all avenues and methods crucial to the responsiveness, timeliness and effectiveness of emergency protocols are followed.

Should your property undergo a critical emergency such as, fire, flood, storm damage or critical system outages, rest assured our senior management team is at your disposal and prepared to act.

We will work to ensure safety of all residents, provide critical information, secure your property, contain damages and coordinate with insurance and remediation specialists to restore services as quickly as possible.


Detailed monthly reporting provided in a concise user-friendly format outlining fiscal state of the property

Accurate Accounts Payables and Receivables services utilizing the latest industry specific software

Budget preparation of Annual Operating Expenses and Major Capital Improvements

Concise, timely and accurate monthly billing of all rents, common charges and maintenance fees

Integrated secure ACH and bank lock-box services for streamlined accounts receivables processing

Monthly monitoring for accurate arrears management and continuity of cash flow

Industry leading software to meet the demands of building accountants and CPAs providing transparent data for year-end auditing requirements

Maintain payroll records to ensure all labor and/or union requirements are adhered to


Dedicated staff to ensure compliance with all governing agencies and requirements

Customized detailed reporting of property compliance for Boards or owners to remain fully informed

Real-time notification and monitoring of all major state and NYC agencies, departments and code enforcement bureaus such as DOB, ECB, HPD, DEP, DEC, FDNY and DOHMH

Remediation, code compliance and expediting/preparation of documentation for resolution of all violations

Tracking of the constantly changing NYC Local law requirements across all platforms for compliance and benchmarking requirements

Monitoring and compliance for all required testing, inspections, certifications and permits pertaining to all mechanical systems such as boilers, elevators, fuel storage, backflow prevention devices, fire safety and HVAC equipment

Review and negotiate all third-party service, maintenance contracts pertaining to pertinent building systems

Facilitate Local Law filings such as Mold & Pests Investigation, Mold Remediation, Bedbug Disclosure Reports, Benchmarking Reports, Energy Audits and Façade Inspections (LL55, LL61, LL69, LL84, LL87, LL11/98)

Facilitate J51 Tax Incentives filings to meet applications requirements, eligibility and maximum tax benefits

Sales, Transfers & Rentals

Timely processing of all Sales, Sublets and Rental applications to Boards and Owners

Concise and detailed application packages for ease of review and decision making by Boards

Resident screening services for all facets of vital background information

Tracking and renewal of RSA, rent stabilized, rent controlled, DHR leases

Timely filing of Annual Rent Registrations with the DHCR

NYCHA, City FEPS, Section 8 lease and repair compliance  

Closing agent services, as well as closing document coordination on all transactions

Work closely with outside real estate professionals, closing attorneys and lenders to ensure seamless and timely transactions

Integration With Other Industry Professionals

Maintain professional integration with outside building professionals for seamless Insurance, Accounting, Legal, Engineering or other professional as required

Timely responses to all third-party requests to ensure continuity of service

Perform annual insurance review for proper coverages, pricing, and carrier compliance

Legal support for L&T actions, arrears collections, litigation, lawsuits, labor unions matters, and contract review

We can assist in the selection process of a variety of industry specific professionals for Boards and Owners to engage that best suit their needs

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